System or File Backup?

I am brand new to Backupper, and am a bit confused about some of the options.  (Actually, I find similar confusing issues with many other backup programs as well.)

I'm running Win7 64-bit.  Currently, my one and only HDD has three partitions: the unnamed boot partition, C: ("System") and E: ("Data  I intend to run a full backup every once in a while, and differential backups fairly often.  I have two purposes in backing up: 1) if my HDD blows up, I'd like to restore everything to a new drive, and 2) I'd like to be able to restore individual files that I may have changed or deleted since a previous backup.  Now,

--When I do a System Backup, I think that Backupper is showing that it will be backing up the unnamed boot partition and the C: partition.  Is that right?  Would I have to back up the E: partition separately?

--If I do a System Backup (or a Disk or Partition Backup), are individual files available for restoring?  That is, for my two purposes above, would I have to do a System Backup (for when my HDD dies) and a File/Folder Backup to back up the individual files?

So far Backupper looks good to me; I'm eager to explore it.  Thanks for any answers.  --Howard


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    I think you are right. System backup backs up both boot partition and system partition. Since partition E is the data partition and it doesn't contain any file related to your system, you don't have to back it up.


    It depends on which kind of files you want to restore. For system files,they are backuped during system backup, you can pick the one or two to recover among all the system files. As for individual files, you have to do file/folder backup to the files or folders you want to restore.

  • Many thanks.  --Howard

  • Spot on George! Great reply. 

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