Backupper can't backup to a network drive without splitting file into 4 GB increments

If I backup to a NTFS network drive, the backup file splits into 4 GB increments even if I set the "Splitting" option to automatic or something larger than 4 GB.  This problem seems to occur on all versions of Windows. I would expect this if the network drive was FAT32 format (which is limited to 4 GB files) but not NTFS drives.



  • Hello aclarke,

    Welcome to AOMEI forum. We are sorry for this problem, currently we cannot solve it. The reason is that the program cannot detect the size of NAS drive, so it will automatically split the file into 4GB size as default.  

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    AOMEI Tech Support Team

  • Here is how you could solve the problem: Add a check box entitled, "Disable backup file size limit & checking." Having this ability could potentially cause problems if the drive being backed up to is a FAT32 NAS or a USB flash that is 4GB or smaller. However, the user would KNOW that he took the risk and created the problem if the check box is a non-default setting.

    The advantages would be two-fold:

    1) Eliminating file checking would increase reliability since a machine with fewer parts is more reliable.

    2) People could backup a 1 TB drive without creating  a huge number of 4GB pieces and possibly even more pieces on the next incremental backup. I tried this and the number of files created looks like an absolute mess.

    3) I would pay you for this feature. Simply add the box, send me the compiled EXE, and I will email you $50 via PayPal for your trouble.

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    I also would like to see this feature. It's a mess without it, and what is more important ... it's hard to control versioning. Simple checkbox will do. 

  • Hello,

    Thank you all so much for your advices, it is very important for us. I already record it and will report it to our programmers.  We will keep making efforts to improving this program. Please keep tuned in the updates of our products.

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    Thanks Kim for responding. I hope my earlier suggestion was clear. To repeat it more simply: Provide a check box which would bypass the procedure that determines the format of the drive (NTFS, FAT, FAT32, etc.) that is being backed up to. When checkmarked, the backup would be one single file instead of many 4GB increments as required by FAT32.
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    Hi aclarke, Thanks for your explanation. It is very clear.
  • I agree with aclarke. A simple checkbox to put the image into a single file would be an excellent improvement.
  • This is a blocker for what is otherwise very good software

    500GB divided by 4 is 125 files that can be corrupted :(
  • so good
  • The problem will be fixed. AOMEI Backupper 2.0 will support to backup to a network drive without splitting file into 4 GB increments.
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