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Suggestions for future Aomei Backupper versions ...


first of all, many thanks for releasing Aomei Backupper software. It is easy to install and to manage and it's one, if not the best disk imaging software available and I know a lot.

Please add the following functions ...

1) SMTP to inform users about complete or incomplete backups by mail

2) The ability to create only one *.adi file on NAS shares using GPT-partitions with NTFS file system

Unfortunately, the default 'Automatic' for 'Splitting' creates several *.adi files with 4GB in size on NAS shares using GPT-partitions with NTFS file system. Do it like 'Windows Server Backup' does it, in one *.vhd file per imaged partition.

Keep the good work going on!




  • Hello Marcy,

    Thank you so much for your compliment and advices. We will keep making effort to improving this program, please keep tuned in the updates of our product.

    If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to let us know.

    Best Regards,


  • 100% agree with Marcy.

    I set up my account only to wrote these two comments.

    1) E-mail notifications

    2) Disable splitting to multiple files

  • Thank you very much. I already record your advices to our document. As mentioned before, we will keep making effort to improving this program, please keep tuned in the updates of our product.

    Best Regards,


  • OK, thanks for response.

    Today, I found another annoying thing.

    1) It would be good to be able to set whether the new backup overwrite the existing one.

    If there is a scheduled full backup the current version of Backupper does not replace the existing backup file, but create another one with added number at the end of it's filename.

    This, combined with the fact that backups are split into multiple files gives rise to chaotic structure of the backup files. It is not very clear what belongs to each backup set, where one backup end and another begin.

    So I vote to add a simple checkmark "Overwrite existing backup".

    2) It would be good to add the ability to maintain a determined amount of backup copies. If it will be set, for example, five copies, Backupper will create five backup files, one at each run, and six backup file will overwrite the first one. So there will be constantly five full backup sets. This could be such enhancements or improvements to the previous point.

    3) There is a bug at the scheduler. When there is scheduled backup and you edit the scheduled task and set them to run under another user credentials (Run as:) the scheduled task will not be executed. At the "Scheduled Task" you can see such task as "Running", but that's all. Tested only W2k3R2, but it seems to be common problem.



  • Hello. Thanks for your great software first.

    Do you plan add some functions, like as:

    1) Run as service, without logon to Windows;

    2) Automatic shutdown after sheduler backup?

    With this functions possible that scenario:

    Computer booting in the night from BIOS wake up, Windows starting and Backupper start backup proccess. After finished computer shutfown.

  • edited February 2014


    Thank you for the two of you.

    Hi Jan, as the features you required, you will find it in the next full version which will be released soon. As for your 3rd question, it is the way that the program must have Administrator permission. 

    Hi, Andrey, thank you so much for your advaces, we are considering to optimize it in the future.

    If you have any other questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to let us know.

    Best Regards,


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