System backup problem

I have 2 partitions that AOMEI thinks are system partitions.  My disk is partitioned as such:

0 (390GB) - My old Windows XP x64 edition partition that no longer has any OS software on it but is mounted as D:

1 (100GB) - A volume mounted as a folder on my C: drive (C:\data)

2 (910GB) - The true bootable volume with Windows 7 64-bit edition on it

When performing a system backup, it asks me to select the system volume from the list.  I choose C: (which is the 2nd option) and then do the backup.  But it selects D: as the volume, which is really partition 0.  It backs this partition up and then backs up partition 2 (C:) afterward.

I'm curious if this is intended.  It makes sense in one way since partition 0 is so important to the system, but I really have no interest in backing that partition up.  It's generally my scratch area where I store transient files now.

2 final things.  First, your software seems to be quite solid.  I have not tried to restore from my 4TB USB hard drive.  Based on some of the things I've read here, I will likely have problems doing so.  To circumvent those problems, I'm going to build my own bootable USB thumb drive with Windows 7 64-bit edition on it customized for my machine, which I will then install Backupper to.  That way if anything goes wrong I can just boot from my thumb drive, run Backupper and restore without having to worry about the visibility of my USB 3.0 4TB drive.  I'd rather not have to do this, but I've worked with WinPE (and BartPE) in the past and I understand the difficulties of generalized drivers.  Does this sound like a reasonable plan and is it something your customers have seen in the past?

The one other thing is related to your forums.  I always click on the Terms of Service links to read terms, just to make sure I understand what my obligation is and what the vendor may or may not do with my information.  Your terms of service page is blank.  I'm assuming this is just a small error on your part.  You may want to fill in that page.

Oh, one really final thing.  Am I reading this right and there's no "pro" version of the software?  If I could ask, how does it remain free?  It's professional enough that I would probably pay for a professional version.  Most backup software tends to be bloated with features that are only useful for a small percentage of the customers that use it.  Yours has pretty much every feature I need from a piece of software.  To be honest, I don't particularly like the user interface, but it's good enough and the backup quality seems to be quite good.  It was also very efficient at actually performing the backup.  I've seen many other backup applications choke on my particular configuration and yours soared right through it.  My ~1.5TB backup only takes about 30 minutes to complete, albeit to a USB 3.0 destination, but that's still very fast.

Thank you for your time.


  • Hello dfenwick,

    Welcome to our forum!

    As for your queries: 1. When you performing a system backup with System Backup function, AOMEI Backupper will automatically choose the two partitions which are marked as "system" and "boot" to be backup in the current active OS. Therefor in your situation, I suppose your XP partition is marked as "system", so the program will back it up. The reason is that the "system" partition contains the files used for load operating system and some other important files, so in order to create a functional system image, the program must backup that partition.

    2. For the problem of recognizing USB 3.0 interface. To add the driver is easy, you can refer to this thread. In addition, your plan is ok, but you need to install the program every time when you used it. 

    3. For the service link,sorry, I don't know what you refer to, could you please send us the link?

    4. Yes, there is no "pro" version so far. Currently this progrma still lacks some important features, so we keep it free and the features in version 1.6 will remain free in the future. 

    Finally thanks for having interest in our software. If you have any further questions or suggestions for us to improve this program please do not hesitate to let us know.

    Best Regards,

    AOMEI Support Team

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