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How to purchase "AOMEI Cloud" Subscription ????

Further to my previous "AOMEI Cloud?" post, which has received no feedback from anyone on this forum, my "AOEMEI Cloud Trial" included with my copy of AOMEI Backupper Professional is due to expire on 2022-11-21. 

I received this email yesterday (I have blanked out my email address), telling me that my trial will expire in 4 days (now 3 days), with a button for "Buy your subscription" which opens this URL in a web browser:


But nothing on that page provides information on "AOMEI Cloud" or how to purchase a subscription?  What am I meant to do?

***Can anyone from AOMEI, an Admin, or anyone with any information, answer this issue please?***

Note: A support ticket #273884 AOMEI Cloud? - Problems with AOMEI Backupper Professional 7.1.0 was also created for my original query (which I submitted by email too), but this was closed by "Joey A", without answering my report of logging failure or question on AOMEI Cloud pricingAlthough I have replied to that too, it is still shown as "closed" so I am not sure anyone will read my reply.


  • @G4WKW , I don't use the cloud service, but in my Backupper, in the top right, I see a "Login" button, which brings up a screen with a signup link, that -- once I create/login with an AOEMI user account, shows me a "AOEMI Cloud" section, near "My Products" (my software purchases). The cloud section brings me to a link:

    Does maybe this area give you a place where you can renew the cloud service?
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