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Partition Assistant Pro MBR to GPT fails due to MFT errors

I have successfully converted several PC's system disks from MBR to GPT and updated to Windows 11 Pro x64... except one PC. I keep getting errors that the MFT bitmap has errors and the conversion fails in both PreOS and WinPE modes. Running CHKDSK from a command window shows no errors, but running CHKDSK from within PA Assistant shows errors. Have tried every workaround I could find online. The PC is a Dell XPS more than capable of supporting GPT with UEFI and secure boot, has 32GB of memory, a Western Digital 256 GB SSD system drive (38GB used). A wild assed question, but is there any way to ignore the MFT error message and continue with the conversion? I guess I'm looking to run PA Assistant Pro, MBR to GPT conversion from a command line with a /NOERR option or something similar to that. Currently I'm running Windows 11 on this particular PC on a MBR partition using some registry hacks Had same issue on Windows 10. But I'd really like to get this PC converted to GPT like it is supposed to be. I should mention I bought PA Assistant Pro with lifetime updates specifically for this PC.


  • @Gbciadmin, please contact AOMEI support team via the email and submit the error screenshot and log folder under the installation directory so that they analyze.
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