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Windows 11 update checker?

Hi, I am just curious why AOMEI has added a "Windows 11 Update Checker" to version 6.6.1? Surely since Microsoft itself provides a Windows 11 Update Checker for those interested in taking somewhat early adoption of Windows 11, it is not needed for other software companies to add this feature.

My main concern I guess, does this indicate you will not continue support for Windows 10 quite early into Windows 11 being around or is Microsoft encouraging software companies to add this update checker so they can spy on how many systems out there support their rigid system requirements for Windows 11?

I really don't like software I have paid for becoming bloated with irrelevant tools, so I have skipped this version in hopes it will not be in the next version, though I guess it may be, but not mentioned in the version information.


  • Tag, Da bin ich Ihrer Ansicht. 

    Die Version 6.6.0 funktioniert mit Buildversion 22000.258(aktuelles Win11) vorzüglich.
  • @Longlife, Frankthegeezer, Lots of users might be interested in the Win11 update after Microsoft releases Win11. In order to facilitate our users to check whether they can update to win11, so we add the tool. The tool is very small.
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    @Administrator, Verstehe ihre Hilfe. Doch ich finde nur Microsoft sollte die Prüfung übernehmen und nicht Fremdanbieter, den dann erscheint nach Prüfung dieses Angebot von MS 
  • @Longlife, Unser Win11-Checker bietet auch einige Methoden zur Behebung, wenn die Benutzer nicht direkt auf Win11 aktualisieren können.
  • Danke für die Information @Administrator.
  • @admin Thank you for your response. I fully understand that lots of users may be interested in the windows 11 update, however Microsoft provides its own software to check system compatibility, so surely those interested people would visit Microsoft for their tool.

    I guess the question to ask is, does your checker share any information with Microsoft if it is used or for that matter run without user interaction to check compatibility?
  • @Frankthegeezer, No, we don't share any information with Microsoft.
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    @Frankthegeezer Anliegen scheint mit 6.7.0 behoben https://www.ubackup.com/changelog.html 

    Mein System Win11 Build 22000.282
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