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Open Aomei Backupper When Backup is Running

I am currently evaluating Aomei Backupper and considering whether to switch from Acronis.  I set-up a backup and started it to run...and then closed the program.  Later I wanted to open the program to see what the status of the backup was including how much longer to expect it to run, etc.  However, when I tried to open the program all I got was a message that a backup was currently running and there did not appear to be a method to open the program while a backup is running.  Is this the case...namely that once a backup starts you can not open the program until it completes?  If so, that would seem to be a problem since there may be a number of things I want to do in the program that I thus cannot do while a backup is running.  As I compare to Acronis, for example, if I am running a backup, I can still access the program and do many things in the program while a backup is running or just check and see how much longer the backup is expected to run...but is this option not available with Aomei Backupper?  Thanks, Ken


  • @Maineiac13, Please check if there is a tray icon of AOMEI Backupper on the bottom right corner of the taskbar. If yes, you can open application from the tray icon. We will optimzie the problem after.
  • There does not seem to be a tray icon of AOMEI Backupper in the taskbar..
  • @Maineiac13, Could you allow us to offer remote to check the problem?
  • I can confirm this issue first appeared for me in Aomei Backupper Standard Edition somewhere between versions 5.7 and 6.1. I can't recall which version specifically, but in v5.7 at least, this issue does not exist, and by v6.1 it does.
  • I just updated from 6.5.1 to 6.6.1; the issue is still present in the latest version.

    Also, side note; As far as I recall, I have never had Aomei Backupper show up as a tray icon either.
  • @ADreamEater, Could you allow us to offer a remote for checking the problem further?
  • edited November 2021
    I'm currently using v6.7.0 and further testing has provided more info. When using a Windows administrator account, the system tray shows up as expected during automatic backups. I however, am almost exclusively using a Windows standard user account, which has not had the system tray icon for Aomei Backupper Standard Edition automatically show up since I started using Aomei.
    I have confirmed that in the current version, running a manual backup and closing out of the program will create the system tray icon as intended, but the automatic backup only does the same when the program is open when the backup starts, which kind of defeats the purpose of an automatic backup.

    In some previous versions, even without the system tray icon, the program UI could be opened using the desktop shortcut during a running automatic backup. At some point, this functionality disappeared. Either this functionality being reintroduced, or the system tray icon showing up during automatic backups for standard Windows accounts would make me consider this issue fixed.
    Hope this additional info on the problem helps!
  • @ADreamEater, Thanks for your feedback. We will optimize the problem after.
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