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Lately, starting AOMEI Backupper takes a very long time compared to what it used to do. I see the loading screen for sometimes up to a minute or so before it finally launches.

I'm on version 4.0.6 and my Windows 10 Pro 21H1 is fully up to date.

Any ideas?


  • @WebMaximus, Could you install the latest version to check again?
    Please download it from here: https://www2.aomeisoftware.com/download/adb/AOMEIBackupperStd.exe
    It is a standard edition. If you have the lifetime license code, you can type into it to register.
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    Will give it a try but I'm usually not very tempted to install later versions than 4.0.6 since my experience after being your customer for many years is later versions of AOMEI Backupper usually mean more issues than they fix issues I'm sorry to say.

    If you search for my posts/threads in here, you'll find all the issues I've had in the past when trying out later versions. Some of them very nasty. For a software playing a role as important as this one where it's all about the security of your data/system, knowing you can 100% rely on the software is 100% crucial. 

    Will give it a go though and yes, I do have a lifetime license.

    To add, I should also mention I noticed how it's just the first time I start AOMEI Backupper after a computer restart I see this delay. If I close AOMEI Backupper once it has eventually launched, the next start is super fast with no delay. It will start in a split second. Not sure if this could be a clue what's causing the issue?

    Also, I found someone else having a similar issue in the past where it was suggested this might happen if you have an external disk connected to your PC. I don't. Also, I don't see any delay when starting Disk Management in Windows. I only see this starting AOMEI Backupper for the first time after a PC reboot/start.

    Edited a second time only to say, forget what I said above. Just noticed if allowing some time to pass after closing AOMEI Backupper, it will be equally slow to start again. Fact is, now when trying the method I described above, starting AOMEI Backupper immediately after closing it still will cause a long delay during next launch. So it almost seem to be a bit random how long it will take to start.

    Will be interesting to see how the latest version works out.
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    Aomei Backuper Pro 6.5.1 (without USB backup hard disk connected) takes about 2 to 3 seconds when Aomei is started. 

    Aomei with USB hard disk connected and in sleep mode (i.e. without function but connected) takes about 8 seconds to start.

    Aomei with USB hard disk connected and active in standby mode takes about 2 seconds until the user interface is available.

    Windows System 21H1 1943.1151 

  • @Longlife,"Aomei with USB hard disk connected and in sleep mode (i.e. without function but connected) takes about 8 seconds to start."----Did you mean that your computer is in sleep mode, then you wake up it, then immediately start AOMEI Backupper?
  • The hard disk goes into sleep mode when not in use and remains connected to the computer/device.

    The computer is switched on and active and Aomei Backuper is 
     is now started by me, thereby waking up the hard disk from sleep mode and after about 5 to 8 seconds you will see the user interface of Aomei.
  • @Longlife, When you start AOMEI Backupper, it needs to load the disks. When your disk in sleep mode, it might take some time to wake up, and then load it.
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    Danke Admin, 
    Wollte WebMaximus meine Erfahrungen mit dem neusten Aomei 6.5.1 zeigen. 

  • Danke, vielleicht probiere ich es mal weiter. Vorläufig habe ich mich für die Version entschieden, der ich vertraue, da sie funktioniert, nur dass es eine Weile dauert, bis das Programm startet. Etwas, mit dem ich leben kann und das einer Version vorziehe, der ich nicht vertrauen kann.

    Ich sage nicht, dass man der neuesten Version nicht vertrauen kann, nur dass ich in der Vergangenheit unzählige Probleme hatte, als ich spätere Versionen als die, die ich derzeit verwende, ausprobiert habe. Etwas, das ich mir nicht leisten kann, da ich mich stark auf AOMEI Backupper verlasse.
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