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Backupper Current Version Slows Computer to a Crawl

I have been a user of AOMEI Backupper for many years and have dozens of backups saved via the program; recently I bought the PRO version hoping to restore a drive image. But every time I open the program, everything else on my laptop slows to nothing, and menus are transparent, nothing is clickable and the entire (windows 10) system is unusable. I have to restart just to do anything.
That is very irritating. But it gets worse. Despite checking that my backups exist, and are correctly listed, when I click on any of them it says "image not found". I cannot restore or do anything.
I resorted to mounting the image I needed in Windows Exporer, just to try to save some of the missing data. This I could do, BUT, since the laptop has slowed to a snail's pace, trying to save anything to a new drive was near impossible. Even small folders took hours to relocate.
I am now at the point of giving up on this program entirely, since all my backups are unusable!!
Just to say - I completely and thoroughly uninstalled any previous AOMEI products (having saved the backups logs and tasks, obviously) and reinstalled the freshly bought program. BUT that changed nothing.
VERY disappointed and annoyed to have lost my backups, since they are "unavailable" even though Backupper finds them - and indeed they can be seen and accessed in Windows Explorer, so they DO exist.


  • So, nobody is even going to comment, let alone help?
  • Hope they can give you some help, Seems to be hit-or-miss here.

    I do have a question though. You say you saved "log" files. Are these the ones that show up in Tools/Logs? If so, where on the computer (Windows 10) did you find them? Thanks.
  • @Trillian, Sorry to reply to you late. 
    "when I click on any of them it says "image not found"."---Did you click restore from the task? Could you try to select the backup file manually (Click "Restore"--->"Select Image File")? 
    And, when you run AOMEI Backupper, please temporarily close other applications running on your computer.
  • @Admin The program brings up the correct list of saved images, whether files, drives or partitions, but either the whole program freezes at that point, or if I can get it running, anything in the image's menu says that it's unavailable or not found (which is nonsense as I can see them on the backup drive.) The ONLY thing I can use is Tools/Explore and (if I am lucky) mount the image by selecting it manually in Explorer. Even then, the program often slows to a crawl and won't even allow me to do that. 
    I have had to move data a file or a folder at a time, waiting ages for it to do that (and no, I am not running any other programs. It's impossible to run anything. Windows menus are transparent, and nothing works normally.) Many of the folders within the image say they are "unavailable or corrupted" and therefore cannot be moved.
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