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Better Scheduler

Hello AOMEI,

the scheduler of Backupper is quite simple, but not powerful enough for complex plans. A classic plan would be monthly fullbackup, weekly differental and daily incremental backups. Sure, FULL and DIFF on times without systemload, like weekend.

Take a look at the cron scheduler of unix, it is simple but powerful. Five arguments are enough: which minute, which hour, which day of month, which week day.

Thank you.


  • Hello Ingopingo,
    Thanks for your suggestion. We will submit it to our dev team.
  • Hello Ingopingo,

    I´m quit agree with you. But GFS will be processed only in a company.
    For home use the included scheduler will be do a good job. Also I prefer a full backup of each partition each weekend to be safe.

    Cron is a very powerful scheduler and after reading the help file very simple to use ;-)
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