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Features request for syncronization

I like your software, but in mirror backup is concerned, I would like a couple of options added:
-the possibility to exclude one or more files from the backup
-the ability to preview what you are about to copy
please have a look to KLS backup ti fully understand what I mean

Thanks a lot in advance


  • Hello OldBubble,
    Thank you so much.
    We have recorded your suggestions. We will submit them to our dev team to check.
  • Hi,
    I totally agree with OldBubble.
    Just think for example if you have to syncronize two directories containing "Desktop.ini" file because you used the feature to have directories of different color. If you don't exclude it you loose this festure.

    I have recently purchased Aomei Backupper pro (even if I haven't installed it yet because I'm about to buy a new computer and I'm afraid I have problems with the license transfer) and I had used too KLS backup
    which I find very comfortable because it has the poosibility to choose which files to synchronize and which to exclude.
    Also to preview what you are going to copy/overwrite is very important to avoid possible fatal mistakes.
    Unfortunately KLS is not an imaging program, so i purchased Aomei.
    Now I would very much like that with a single program I could make both the disk images and the backup as I used to do (choosing and viewing files).

    PLEASE add those features in the next vesion, I think they would improve your program a lot.

    Thanks a lot in advance

  • Hey guys,
    please watch out my "suggestion overview". I will improve it daily, weekly....
  • Hi,

    not sure whether I have the same problem, but it seems so: I have one folder ("My Documents"), containing all my files. So I choose it as source folder for the backup. Amongst the 204 subfolders, there are three I wish to exclude: "Virtual machines", "Documentations" and "Programming". The data in there doesn not need to be backupped, and those three together make more of 90% of the total backup size and time consumed.

    Right now I found a way to exclude **one** of those three under the "Filter" property of "My Documents", but only one.

    How do I exclude the other two?

    Thnx, Armin.

  • I´m sorry, but I do not use file backup, I use only full partition backup.
    Did you tried out with * before and behind?
    If nothing of them works, I would suggest, move files you don´t need to backup to another partition and use partiton backup.
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