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Clone disk did not copy Operating (boot) system files win 7 - will not boot up

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I have exact duplicate of lap top hard drive, chose clone disk, it took hours to finish, when done I switched out Hard drives,
and it could not find operating system, when I switched back and ran windows, I check disk management and found it did not copy over the system and boot files, every thing else was copied.  How do I get an exact clone?


  • It sounds that you have choosen "disk clone" or "partition clone".
    Both will clone only the native (data) structure and are not bootable.
    You should choose "system clone" instead....
  • @Dlginla, Could you boot from the source drive and connect the target one, and then take a screenshot of Windows Disk Management so that we check? You can press Win+R, and then run "diskmgmt.msc" to open windows disk management.
  • If disk clone will only do the data, why don't they say that MrPresident?

  • Sory, that I was not clear.
    But I think, whatever you do/use, you should be always open minded and curious :-)
  • @Dlginla, did you clone from disk 0 to disk 2? According to your screenshot, disk 0 is an MBR disk, while disk 2 GPT. Did you modify the boot mode to UEFI when you boot from disk 2? If you don't want to change the boot mode, please try to delete all partitions on disk 2, and then convert it to MBR via Windows Disk Management, then do the system or disk clone again.
  • @admin ,  I will try to follow your instructions.  It will take a day or two.  The reason it went from disk0 to disk 2 is because I had an sd card plugged in and it read it as Disk1, so when I removed it, Disk1 disappeared, I did not reload disk management.
    I am not sure what UEFI is.  I cloned the disk, then swapped them, and turned on laptop with new disk installed, nothing was changed in the bios.   It could not find the operating system.

    So how do I get an exact clone of my original Hard drive?
  • Whatever clone you want to do, it is always the same way.
    Remove all unwanted drives. Plug in ONLY the new drive, it will shown on the list later on.

    The you select "system clone"....

    Now you vae to select the destination drive (in these case marked as light green!!)

    Now thee summary shows you what will be provessed. Check the box "SSD Alignment" below

    The process starts

    After you have clicked on "copy data" (shown AFTER "updatee sysgtem information") more details will be shown in the lower right corner

    When the process has been finished, replace the existing drive with the external. If success the system will boot... feel happy. If not, make us happy with detailed snapshots :-)

    Behind the most options (e.g. SSD Alignment) a ? will give you help, please use it if you´re getting confused. You can do nothing wrong!!

  • I´ve tried it yesterday and the process has been taken about 1,5h.
    The ext. drive was connected by USB and starts to boot. In these moment when the four colured flag appears a blue screen was shown very shortly. I started several times to hold the system at the blue screen, but nothing happens.

    Usually a blue screen will be logged. But if so, where could the log file viewed??
  • @Dlginla, You can check whether your disk is MBR or GPT on AOMEI Backupper. You can open the disk list, then you can check whether your disk is Basic MBR or Basic GPT. GPT system disk use UEFI mode to boot, while the MBR uses the Legacy boot mode.

  • @MrPresident, Did you mean that the cloned system can't boot with a blue screen error? Could you take a photo of the boot error? And, please also take a screenshot of Windows Disk Management so that we check? You can press Win+R, and then run "diskmgmt.msc" to open windows disk management.
  • @admin: you already have received all necessary information in another thread!!
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    As I already told you, the blue screen appears within a second, no time and chance to make a screenshot or hold on the system.

    Here´s the screenshot....

  • @MrPresident, Could you connect the cloned disk so that we check? Please boot from the source disk and connect the target disk, and then take a screenshot of windows disk management or Partition Assistant so that we check.
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