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264 backup files from one backup session!!

Last night AOMEI Backupper made 264 files of 620,760,272 bytes each (every ~four minutes) during the backup of one folder! The total size of 286 GB could be realistic, but I don't understand why it did so. 
It started at 23:00 last night and the last file has the timestamp 27-11-2020 08:14 (i.e. 32 GB per hour or 9 MB/s). Now, at 13:30 the next day, it is @ 57% of checking the backup data...
The backup is on my NAS with plenty of space and a 1 GB local connection.
Please advise! 


  • Unfortunately, the check ended with an error:
  • edited November 2020
    UPDATE: Found it! In the program settings, an Advanced choice was inadvertently changed to 
    Splitting: predetermined size: CD Drive-650.
    Problem solved, I think...

  • Hope, these option will be selectable (enable / disabled or completely deleted) next release.
    I can't explain any advantage to myself.

  • @MrPresident, Back in the day when I worked from home I used to store my backups on DVD blanks with one copy kept in a safe deposit box at my bank and another at home.  So when I created my backups I would split the backup into DVD sized segments so I could copy and transport my backups.  I found the ability to split the backup was very useful.  When Double layer DVDs became available I switched to 8GB files and eventually when Blu-Ray drives came out I started splitting the backup in Blu-Ray sized increments.  Now the external hard disks and USB flash drives have gotten so cheap and widely available that it doesn't make a lot of sense any longer to split a backup.  If I were still working and was still required to keep a backup copy off site then I would probably use a flash drive or external hard disk.

    These options are already select-able.  If you choose to automatically let Aomei Backupper make the decision then all of the predetermine size choices are no longer available.  This user inadvertently switched the primary selection from Automatic to Predetermined sizes.  The default size when Predetermined is selected is for a CD.   Switching back to Automatic resolved his problem.  
  • You´re right. But I know anyone who store his backup on DVDs.

    In Germany Blue-Ray is not an option. Hardly widespread, extremely expensive, hardly anyone uses such drives.

    What I mean exactly was enable/disable these "feature. I don´t use it at all.
    Disable could help prevent from failures as I have read from one user here.

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