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I have a problem. I don't know why, since yesterday each time I shut down my PC I get this message during 30 min before it actually stops. It's very desapointing because I can't skip it in any way. What did happen ? 

I did not change the preferences / options.

Hope you can help me, 

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  • I have seen that message once or twice when I have instructed the machine to shut down while Backupper was performing a backup.  Once the backup completed the screen went away and the machine shut down.  So the question is whether or not this is a legitimate task that is running.  Before you shut down the machine press the CTRL, ALT, DEL keys and click on the task manager.  Examine the running processes and see if you see anything resembling a Aomei or Backupper function. 

    What comes to mind is that you have a backup task, scheduled or otherwise, that has not completed or is hung up and you have the option checked to automatically restart the task whenever the machine is turned on again.  If that is the case then you should be able to go into Aomei Backupper and select Tools and select Logs to see how frequently something is running.  Once you see what is running then you can modify the task or delete and redo the task to stop it from running all the time. 

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