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Confused about mounting Differential Backups

I have backup images all over the place , I am trying to get them organized.  However, if I click on an adi file and open Aomei Backupper to mount the image, it will ask if I want to view the differential or full.   If I explore the differential will it also include the full, likewise if I view the full will it include the differential?  I mean mounted together as a single drive letter?


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    if you open a differential backup then previous full together with that differential is combined and shown in explorer.
    If you open an incremental backup than a chain of previous full and incrementals is combined and shown.

    A differential hold the changes since the previous full. F1->D1,   F1->D2,   F1->D3,  F2->D....
    A incremental hold the changes since the previous incremental (or full if this is the first incremental) F1->I1->I2->I3,

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