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Feature Request: Exclude folders from drive image backups

Hello... I've seen this request on this forum and other places since at least 2013 for an option to exclude folders from drive image backups. Is there a timeline for this request or progress?




  • This feature is in our to-do list, but we don't have a timeline.
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    Until then you can exclude files and folders through the registry. FilesNotToSnapshot
  • Thanks for your comments.  I've tried the registry hack and it didn't work (unless it only works with the VSS option checked, which I haven't tried.).. May I ask, how is the list for exclusions set up exactly? FilesNotToSnapshot, then what syntax for the exclusions?

    Thanks again,
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    I always use VSS (Recommended) in Settings.
    Examples for file and folder:


    REG_MULTI_SZ   Value (new or add line to existing)


    c:\bin\*.* /s

  • Thank you kindly for your explanation. Just another question if you don't mind.  If I exclude a folder from a disk image, will I still be able to back it up using a folder/file backup, or is it excluded from everything?
  • Nevermind, I looked at the registry again and found files not to snapshot, and files not to backup, so I think I've got the answer.  Thanks again for your help though.
  • I don't know everything... Just tested File backup and File Sync. Excluded files (probably folders too) are not in the backup. Don't know whether Aomei respects FilesNotToBackup, probably not.
  • Alright, thanks again for the info... Doesn't seem worth it to hack away at the registry for only a partial workaround for an option already included in other backup programs, so I think I'll go back to using EaseUS rather than buying another hardrive and usb hub, or hacking the registry to keep my excluded files and folders unavailable for backing up through Aomei... Thanks again for taking the time to respond to my question.
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