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Restoring to a VM

I am desperately trying to find a way to virtualize a Windows 7 x64 installation.  I have run into trouble at every turn.  I happened across your product and the promised "Universal Restore", which I thought might do the trick.  I have tried this with both Oracle VirtualBox and Synology NAS VM.  I can't seem to get the restore file in a place that the VM can see, though.  Can someone help me?  I would love to switch over to this product for the VM setup.  Thank you.


  • I can't seem to get the restore file in a place that the VM can see
    -- What does this mean?

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    Don't know why Win7-64 would be different, but I just tried to restore a Win10-32 backup to use in a Virtual Box environment. And that works.

    1. Make an empty VHD big enough in Windows Disk Management. (actions on the right side. I suggest a dynamic VHD)
    2 Initialize this VHD in Windows Disk management (DM) so it can be seen by Aomei. (left side to the disk seen in DM)

    3.Start Aomei and Restore the disk backup in Aomei to the VHD just created.  
    4. After the restore dismount the VHD in DM or Eject in Explorer.

    5, In VirtalBox create a new VM and choose to use an existing disk. Point to the VHD above.
    6. Start the VM.

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