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Cloning identical hardware to FlashDrive

Hello I'm new here , and I'm new to this thing of cloning, and I need some guidance... I haven't downloaded your software yet , since I first need to know if what I want to do is possible:
I have a bunch of non working tablets with uefi, 32 bit OS (windows 8.1 OEM). I have only one that the recovery went OK and it's working fine. The others have the recovery partition damaged.
To those damaged I can install an OS fine, but what I need is to clone the one that works to a SanDisk USB flash drive of 16GB, make it bootable and "restore" the other tablets.
Is that possible? Will a 16GB pendrive will be enough to hold the boot parttion, os partition, and recovery partition?
Sincerely I don't know what to do.


  • Hi, just wondering why do you need to make the SanDisk USB flash drive bootable?
  • Hi, how would I do to clone from one tablet to the other? If it doesn't boot at all. I can install windows from scratch but that is not the OEM windows so it doesn't validate the key embedded into the EFI.
    A pendrive is the only thing I have. Hdd are not removable at least easily. 
  • Based on your case, you could backup to that USB flash drive and restore to other tablets, no need to make the flash drive bootable.
  • Thanks admin, but then how to run the software  ?
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    "Thanks admin, but then how to run the software  ? "

    If you want aomei pe and the saved backup image on the same flash drive:

    1)  Create bootable flash using aomei

    2)  Create a backup image and select the flash drive as the destination. The flash drive will have to be big enough.
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    When you boot from that USB, it will load Aomei Backupper. You cannot have the backup image on that USB. It has to be on some other media. Once Backupper is loaded, you can remove the bootable USB.
  • Ok thanks a lot people!
  • You cannot have the backup image on that USB. It has to be on some other media.

    I can. if you are unable to do it, there is something wrong at your end.

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