Encryption backup not asking for Password and comment disappearing


I setup a few backups jobs over the past few months. I always setup Encryption for each of them and put a comment \ Description to say what they are for.

When I have tested them, out of 6 backup jobs only 1 has asked to input password. I have taken the backup files to another server and chosen to explorer them one by one, and still only the 1 has asked to input password.

I then deleted all the jobs and started again and made 100% sure they were encrypted. After each backup I tested and each one asked to input password and had a Comment\description.

Now I have just tested again after a like 2 weeks and again they all have lost Encryption and in Description it just says "Here is a description of the backup task". This is not very secure as I take multiple backups offsite and anyone will be able to explorer them.
I am using Technician Plus different versions on different servers and PC's.

Anyone else have this issue?? 


  • Did you test encryption on the same computer where the backup has been made?
  • Yes and on other servers and pcs
  • Other computers have never installed AOMEI Backupper before?
  • All my PC's and Servers have Aomei installed, so I installed a new Virtual machine and tried to restore them and no password was asked for input. Even if I try edit backup job properties, it should ask for password but they do not.

    I'm going to delete all jobs again and start again. I'm going to take screen shots and record each one.
  • Same thing is happening. I created backup tasks on the 24th April and I tested on the 29th April and Encryption and Comment had disappeared. I then deleted tasks again on the 29th and tested today May 13th and encryption and comment has disappeared.
  • We will test the issue, thanks for your feedback.
  • Is there any resolution to this issue?

    I've been noticing the same problem with Aomei on two different computers.

    I always select the encryption option, but have dismayed to find some past backups are not prompting me for password.

    So I've tried setting up new backup jobs, but it's hit and miss. Sometimes password registered/requested, sometimes not.

    If can't fix this issue, will need to find a more reliable encrypted backup software.
  • @jabalong ; Sorry, haven't found out the cause of this problem.
  • I don't know if this happens every time, but here's what I noticed.

    I wanted to do a new Full backup, so I deleted the old backup files (but not the main folder).

    Then I went to run a new Full backup I was not prompted to enter my password and backup was not encrypted.

    So I deleted that backup job, created a new one and this time it asked me to enter password before running it.
  • @jabalong
    Test it again in a few days. Password works for me for a few days then does not work. I cant keep deleting backup jobs and recreating each time. I have given up :-(

    I have resorted to encrypting the entire hard drive my backups get backed onto.
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