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How to put computer to sleep after scheduled backup?

I run a scheduled backup every night using windows scheduler. Is there a way to put the computer to sleep after the backup is complete? I know there is a way to place the computer in sleep mode when a backup is initiated manually but I haven't seen an option to do so when the backup is initiated through the scheduler.


  • Well, I don't think it's possible.
  • Might be a nice added feature.
  • edited December 2020
    I totally agree with Charlie: In case of a scheduled backup, the system will wake up, however once the backup is finished the system will not put it back to sleep. For reasons of saving energy it really should. Please make this possible in one of the coming releases.
  • @Weijland1953, Our technicians are analyzing and optimizing the problem. Once there is any progress, we will tell you immediately.
  • Thank you,
    Would be very nice. And of course: before puting back the computer into sleepmodus after performing a back-up: show a popup for some seconds where you ask to prevent for sleeping, since somebody could be working on the computer. That would be the most comfortable solution.
    Thanks on beforehand.
  • @Weijland1953, Thanks for your suggestion. Generally, if you are using a computer, it doesn't sleep.
  • Of course you are right,
    if the computer is awakened bij the scheduled back-up procedure of aomeitech then it should sleep again afterwarts.
    If someone is using the computer when the scheduled procedure of backup starts, then the computer should not sleep directly after the back-up procedure as it does now in case of a manually back-up tagged to go sleeping afterwards.
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