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Problem cloning a system disk.

I have a Dell Latitude E6410 laptop with a 250GB hard drive.

I am trying to clone it to a 500GB hard drive.

I have worked out how to clone the 250GB hard disk to the 500GB one such that it does not create a 250GB partition within the 500GB hard drive. And I can successfully complete the clone. All good.

But when I install the 500GB hard drive into the laptop it wont boot up into my operating system.

When I compare the disks in Windows Disk Manager I can see that the cloned hard drive has two partitions:

1) 100MB EFI system partition
2) 465.66MB primary partition.

The original 250GB has a single "system, boot, page file, active, crash dump....' partition.

Clearly this is why the 500GB hard drive wont boot into windows.

So how do I stop AOMEI backuper from cloning the disk like this?
How do I force it to clone my original hard drive exactly as is?


  • Seems the target disk was formatted GPT and the source disk was MBR. Is that the case? You can check in disk management by selecting the disk and right clicking on it and then look at it's properties. Let's start by doing that and then we can go from there if that was the case.
  • Dell Latitude E6410 seems originally to be a Win7 laptop, so indeed as Flyer suggests an MBR machine. 
  • Ta...found in disk manager after some clicking around. You have to click on the very left side of the disk rectangle.
    And yes the new 500GB disk was a GPT disk rather than an MBR.
    After some googling I found you can use diskpart.exe to convert.

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