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OS Won't Migrate to SSD

I've installed a new ssd into my system and am trying to migrate Windows 10 from my HDD to it. The SSD entirely unallocated, but when I choose it as the drive to migrate to, it says that my drive needs at least 349ish gigs of storage which is the same amount as what is currently occupied on my HDD. I dont know what to do to fix it. Is the OS just tied to the HDD?


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    "System" means the partition where Windows is located. So if your C: is 349 GB then a System clone or migration wil also be 349 GB, at least (there are some hidden partitions as well) . 
    You could copy pictures and music and video files to an external disk and delete them on the HDD before the migration to reduce the needed  space or install a fresh copy of Win10 on your new SSD.....
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