AOMEI Backupper Professional System and Disk Clone failed

My Asus notebook K401 showed ST1000LM035 SMART status bad backup and replace
I ran chdsk /f /r -> Windows took about 6 hours to complete this successfully
The notebook still showed SMART status bad backup and replace
I purchases a new Sandisk SSD 1 TB
Purchased AOMEI Backupper Professional, created AOMEI Backupper Professional in USB stick
Installed the SSD in the notebook as disk 0, booted from USB stick and ran System clone to disk 0 SSD
System clone hung after several hours. Progress bar stopped halfway. 
Rebooted from USB stick and ran diskpart -> Only the system partition got cloned!
Ran disk clone -> Again disk clone hung after several hours. Progress bar stopped halfway! -> diskpart list partition only shows system partition cloned
Ran partition clone -> AOMEI showed Failed to read sector (with bad sector)/Failed to write sector (with bad sector)
Now I am trying the following:
Boot from AOMEI USB stick -> Running AOMEI Back up to external drive 4 TB -> Hopefully AOMEI will copy the 4 partitions called System, reserved, primary (contains volume c) and recovery, from the original Asus Seagate drive to my external 4TB WD drive
Still waiting.. I will try the following next:
Place Sandisk SSD in the notebook drive bay (disk 0) > Boot up from AOMEI USB stick > Run restore from backup saved in 4 TB 
Expected outcome:
AOMEI should restore all 4 partitions including the Windows Boot Manager to the fresh empty allocation space in the SSD and I should be able to boot up from the Sandisk SSD disk 0. Bad sectors would anyhow not exist in the backup image file.
Let's see!


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