System Restore failed!? Why?!

I'm trying to restore my backup from HDD to SSD (Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB) using AB Pro v4.6.3 Live USB. I've already deleted all partitions, tried to extend partitions and did a partition check, please help!


  • Hi, is there a restore error?
  • Yea look at the last photo. For some reason it requires 700 MB more but I've already extended all the partitions on my SSD.
  • I'm not sure if it's because it's a BitLocker Encrypted backup or this is a bug with the program. I should be able to restore my backup regardless.
  • So the source drive is 931.58GB?
  • The backup size for some reason is 931.58GB when my SSD is only 931.51GB in total free space. Not sure how the backup file has 700MB more.
  • It seems like Backupper Pro does a sector by sector cloning whenever BitLocker is enabled but it doesn't make sense where it got 700MB more.
  • Not sure why it got 700MB more, I guess you'll have to restore to a larger drive.
  • I'm just wondering if it's possible to restore a BitLocker Enabled backup while keeping the BitLocker Encryption enabled? I noticed that when you restore one the BitLocker gets disabled.
  • Yes, usually the encryption will be lost.
  • I see. Is there a way to backup so that it doesn't do a sector by sector clone while having BitLocker enabled?
  • Well, it's not possible to do that.
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