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Hello All,

Ive recently inherited AOMEI Backuper Tech Plus at a new job. When trying to use the PXE Boot Tool at launch it fails with the "Application initialization failed. It may be caused since the 67, 69, 4011, 8888 ports are being used by another programs..." message. I have confirmed that there is nothing else operating on these ports and there is no firewall restriction. Looking at the logs I see PXE logs for each attempt to launch the tool. Below is what is found in the log minus what it repeats the detecting the interface. 

====================== System Information ======================
Module Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI Backupper\PxeUi.exe
Product Name: Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (6.2.9200.2)
Service Package: 
OS Version: 6.3
Total Memory: 10239 MB
Available Memory: 6085 MB
System Root: C:\Windows
Processor Architecture: AMD64
Processor Number: 4
Current Time: 2019-5-1 15:30:49

[0       ]HttpFileServer.cpp(61) WatchIp Thread Id:580: (HFS)Create watch thread fail
[6       ]open.cpp(1646): (TFTP)alias /bios is mapped to C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI Backupper\bios\:
[6       ]open.cpp(1646): (TFTP)alias /msbios is mapped to C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI Backupper\msbios\:
[6       ]open.cpp(1646): (TFTP)alias /msefi64 is mapped to C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI Backupper\msefi64\:
[6       ]open.cpp(1646): (TFTP)alias /iso is mapped to C:\Program Files (x86)\AOMEI Backupper\:
[6       ]open.cpp(1668): (TFTP)permitted clients: all:
[6       ]open.cpp(1681): (TFTP)server port range: all:
[6       ]open.cpp(1686): (TFTP)max blksize: 2048:
[6       ]open.cpp(1690): (TFTP)default blksize: 512:
[6       ]open.cpp(1694): (TFTP)default timeout: 6:
[6       ]open.cpp(1698): (TFTP)file read allowed: Yes:
[6       ]open.cpp(1702): (TFTP)file create allowed: No:
[6       ]open.cpp(1706): (TFTP)file overwrite allowed: No:
[0       ]open.cpp(1803): (TFTP)thread pool size: 1:
[0       ]open.cpp(1831): (TFTP)detecting Interfaces..:
[0       ]open.cpp(1972): (TFTP)Listening On:
[0       ]CDhcpServer.cpp(921): ab vision:380
[0       ]serverinfo.cpp(292): (DHCP)no recv date
[0       ]open.cpp(2027): (TFTP)CancelNotify fail
[0       ]open.cpp(2050): (TFTP)Network changed, re-detecting Interfaces..:
[0       ]open.cpp(1831): (TFTP)detecting Interfaces..:
[0       ]open.cpp(1972): (TFTP)Listening On:
[0       ]HttpFileServer.cpp(573): (HFS)CancelNotify Faile
[0       ]open.cpp(2027): (TFTP)CancelNotify fail

Any suggestions on troubleshooting this issue further? Thanks in advance


  • Again nothing else is operating on these ports on this server. Can you please provide the needed configuration for PXE with AOMEI Backupper with Cisco DHCP?
  • Did you check the items listed in the link?
  • Yes and AGAIN nothing is operating on these ports on the server. Support took 5 days to get back with an unhelpful question for a question and this "Admin" wont answer direct questions either. Poorly supported application all the way around. 
  • Can you try to run AOMEI Image Deploy to see if it works?
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