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Backup to cloud drives - Google drive missing

Using a laptop PC, Windows 10, in step to to select the target drive for my backup, on only see dropbox and one-drive, but not google drive. All I can find on line is to install google sync, which I do not want as it seems to take over my computer. How do I get a google drive icon in my file manager like dropbox and one-drive?
Note that I got multiple google accounts and only want to backup to one of these google drive accounts.


  • Hi there, if you'd like to backup your data to google drive, you have to install desktop app of google drive first.
  • I have Google Drive running on my PC, and I can view My Drive in Explorer.  Still, it does not show up under the "Cloud Drive" option, which only shows OneDrive.  Additionally, trying to select My Drive under the regular folder option results in a failed backup.
  • @Horvack_mda, What error did you get when the backup fails? And, could you try to browse and select the path of the google local folder as the destination? 
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