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Cloning a Serial HD to a SSD

My main boot drive on a desktop failed to start up with a SMART failure notification.  I removed the drive and put it on another desktop system that contained the AOMEI backupper Professional program and tried to disk clone the drive to a 500 GB SSD drive.  The data was readable on the old drive.  It is a 600gb drive.

The SSD drive was blank but allocated.  I started the cloning process and it went thru the checking and then moving data up to about 85% of completing the moving (65gb of 70gb).  The overall progress was 32%.  The program froze at that point with no error message or recovery.  I have canceled 3 times and restarted to get the same result.  


  • So still a HDD failure. Not all the data was readable after all.
    Before throwing that away, you can look at some Youtube videos on HDD repair. Good luck.
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