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clone ssd to usb 3.0 not bootable

I'm cloning an ssd system disk placed in a Dell xps12 to mssd mounted n a usb bay with Backupper Pro; in disk 0 I see 7 partition but after cloning in destination disk I found only 2 partition. After that, if I boot from USB the booting process after some seconds after Windows 10 logo causes soft-reset. I tried also with "sector by sector option" but I receive 4118 information code.
Is my procedure correct? I want clone disk 0 to usb, try a boot from usb and il all is ok install the new disk replacing the old one.


  • Windows  does not boot from a USB drive (without a lot of problems). What kind of clone did you do, a disk clone or a system clone? A disk clone should copy all partitions, a system clone will only clone those necessary for window to boot. 
  • system clone. This means that I can try to install the new disk in internal msata slot and try boot?
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    You can try anything. So yes, attempt it. But it is a Windows function to not normally boot from a USB device. Google "how to boot Windows from a USB device" and there are instructions on how to do so. It may work for you.
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    Let me clarify this. Of course you can boot from a USB device (Aomei rescue media). What I should have said is Windows is not normally run from an external USB device and it will require you to do some things in order to do so. Google "how to run windows from an external USB device" and see if you can find something you can use that will allow you to do it. Sorry for the confusion and good luck with this.
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