Cloning a Disk as a backup

Hello,  I am wanting to wipe my SSD completely and install Linux on my laptop and was wondering what is the best way to backup my disk 1?  There are 4 partitions on the SSD and I would like to keep it all especially the factory backup hidden partition on it.
Also Drive C:/  is bitlocker encrypted so hopefully this doesnt effect anything.  Here is a snapshot of my disk.

Any Ideas as the best way to do this?


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    Do want the "clone" to be a functional drive or do you just want an image backup to restore at a later date?
    Your answer is in the question. Either do a disk clone to another drive or make a backup disk image that you can use later to restore to either the same drive or another drive.
  • If I do a disk image using the windows backup utility, can it backup the entire disk including all 4 of the partitions or is it just the C:/ drive that windows is located on.

  • Not sure about the Windows backup utility, you could backup the disk by AOMEI Backupper.
    It is recommended to disable the bitlocker encryption, all partitions will be backed up.
  • thanks I will try that.  I am noticing when I do a system backup using aomei backupper that its only backing up 3 of my partitions.  Its leaving out the *: (the 16MB one) is this partition needed for anything?
  • If the system backup ignores the 16MB partition, then that partition is not needed for system boot.
  • The partion *. is not being recognised by windows, right click on it and delete it; next time you boot up it will be recognised and allocated a drive letter. It is not required for safe running of windows.
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