Windows 7 WinPE download

Is it still possible to download the Win 7 WinPE files from AOMEI?   I'd like to try using them with AOMEI PE Builder to make a USB that will boot on older computers that can't boot with the WinPE 10.



  • I have the Win 7 iso. It's 204 kb in size. I can try to send it to you as an attachment to an email. May have to zip it. Send me your email address in a PM (left click on Flyer to open mailbox) and I'll see if that will work. If you want to of course.
  • You can get the Win7 AIK package from here:  From there you can build it any way you want and add any features you want or need. Will this work in lieu of the ISO?
  • Solved
    I tried running AomeiPE2.0 on my Windows 7-64 bit computer.  It created a bootable USB, but when booting from the USB it failed with a "missing or corrupt HAL" message.  I tried downloading the WinPE files from Aomei and this was successful, but produced a Windows 10 PE USB that had an 8 minute boot time on my machine.  I was sure that this W10 USB would be even slower on older hardware and probably wouldn't boot at all on some machines.  Next, I downloaded and installed the WAIK files from Microsoft, same boot error as before.
    Last, I did a fresh install of W7-64 and ran AomeiPE2.0 again.  This worked and created a W7-64 bootable USB.  Boot time on this USB was about 4 minutes.

    The problem had been something in my original W7-64 installation.  Hope this might help others who encounter the same kind of problem.
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