how dare Backupper repartition my destination drive when cloning!

I use Backupper Standard Edition 4.6.0 in a PE environment from a USB stick. Whenever I clone a (half full) 70 GB partition onto an empty 70 GB partition, Backupper reduces the destination partition to 68.36 GB and creates 1.64 GB of unallocated space. I've tried this with different source and destination volumes. It always does that. I went back to Backupper Standard Edition 4.0.6, which despite its version name is just 1 year older, also in PE environment, and it did exactly the same. It's easy to fix the repartition with Windows Disk Management, but this should not be necessary. Cloning software shouldn't repartition the destination drive when the user doesn't request it. It's a scary nuisance. Have others encountered this bug?


  • I was about to ask if the drives were both the same size but noticed you're talking about cloning a partition. I assume you've checked all the right boxes about fitting and resizing that are available?
  • Oops!  It was my partitioning mistake.  Backupper did nothing wrong,.
    As I recall when I installed Windows I used the installer to partition my internal drive.  I must have chosen partitions of 70,000 MB.  When I partitioned my external drive I used Disk Management and must have chosen 70 GB partitions.  Since a GB is 1.024 MB, the partitions on the external drive are larger than those on the internal drive and Backupper did well to clone as it did.  
    Case closed.  
  • That should say a GB is 1,024 MB.
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