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Windows 7 won’t start after installing AOMEI Backuper

my windows won’t start normally and it stops in safe mode in the AMBAKDRV.SYS I have uninstalled the software but the driver is still being loaded and is in the registry . 
How to delete it? 


  • edited December 2018
    Can you delete that file manually by booting from  a Windows Installation DVD/USB and do Shift+F10 or an Aomei DVD/USB and goto to Command prompt in Utilities? I found that file in C:\program files (x86) two times and in C:\Windows\system32.
    Dos command: del ambakdrv.sys

    Other option: Connect the drive through a USB cable or USB Case to another computer. Then you can use Windows Explorer to delete files.
  • Some users have reported blue screens after deleting that file. Is there a risk? 
  • Rename it then and see what happens. You can always rename back.
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