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change in the size of the hard disk

I tried to clone my disk from 120 to one of 500 which turned out to be a success, so much that I lost the remaining 380g, I have formatted it, I have gone to disk management and nothing works. (the disk copy was by sector)


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    There should be an option to edit the partitions on the target disk before you start the clone. With that you can edit each partition to the size you want. Leave all alone except for your OS partition and expand it so the drive is full. In your present condition, if there is no partition to the right of your OS partition, it can be expanded in Disk Management. If there is a recovery partition there, you can move it or resize the OS partition using Partition Asst. https://www.disk-partition.com/manual.html and look for move or resize partitions. It may be easier to just run the clone again and edit the partition size on the target disk. https://www.backup-utility.com/help/disk-clone.html  see: a) If you want to adjust the partitions size or location on the destination disk, click the "Edit partitions on the destination disk" button. 
  • I have the same problem I need to change the hdd of my ps3 fat (hdd 60Gb) with SSD (120gb). When I connect with the pc, there isn't a partition. I tried the clone by sector but now my ssd is 60GB. There isn't any partition to expande I tried the FAT32 in NTFS but AOEMI send me there isn't partition. Can you help me?
  • @Plateaplatea Please upload a screenshot of Disk Management.
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