Backerupper-To Share/NAS- Specified path does not exist or is not writeable

Want to do a System Backup from PC running AOMEI Backerupper Pro (PC1) to an external drive on a different PC (PC2) on the same local network.  The folder on the external drive to which the image is to be written ("Sysimage-Dif-Z820") is shared with write permission for PC1 and with windows explorer on PC1, I can see the folder and write to it.  From the "Share/NAS Management" window I added PC2 using the ip address.  The management window then showed all the folders on PC2 and I selected the external drive and the management window created another directory entry on the left side: "\\\P Drive on HTPC (Backup)" and listed all the folders on the external drive.  I then selected the folder to backup the image: "Sysimage-Dif-Z820", then "OK" and the management window closes and the System Backup window, "Step2" area does not show the address and has the message below it saying: "The specified path does not exist or is not writable".

Clearly the path exists (selected it from the Share/NAS Management window).  Why would it not be "writable"? since I can write to it from PC1 using Window Explorer on PC1?


  • Can you upload the log files?
  • There is no log file for the attempts since I did not run the backup when I could not get the target folder for the backup to appear in the "Step2" address.  I just get the message below the Step2 area "The specified path does not exist or is not writable".
    I was successful doing the backup by creating a mapped drive/folder for the PC2 folder and selecting the mapped folder from "This PC" instead of selecting the folder from "Share/NAS".  I would prefer NOT to use mapped folders, however, as I will run out of drive letters if I have to assign one to each different folder I want to save a backup to.
  • Maybe it's a bug, the program failed to save the credentials.
  • Created account to say "me too". I fiddled with this for WAY TOO LONG only to figure out no combination of username/password (domain, no domain, different accounts on other machine with HDD hooked up and shared, network name or ip address) would result in Backupper being happy that the location was writable. Even though I could clearly write to the location through Windows Explorer on the same machine I was try to run Backupper and configure the NAS through. Looks like there has been a persistent bug here for about a year before prior to me running into it.

    Too bad really, because I like AOMEI product in general and have used with local HDD via USB connection for several years now. This is going to be a deal breaker for the setup I now need though.
  • @kcstrom ; Did you map the NAS?
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