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Newbie... trying to understand how Differential folder backup will perform:
I assume that if a subfolder or folder content is deleted in the source, then the differential backup result will be to delete the content in the backup (full+differential).
I am working to set up a number of folder backups and wondering if it is problematic to backup several source folders to a single (consolidated) backup folder.
If I schedule to have 3 source folders "f1", "f2", "f3" backup (differential) to one backup folder "f1-3", the first run will build the full backup folder with content from all 3 source folders.  Then if I delete a subfolder in "f2" source, the next scheduled run will delete that subfolder in the differential so a restore will have that subfolder deleted?
1) What if I delete "f1"... what will the next scheduled run do?
2) What if I run a single (unscheduled) differential folder backup for "f3" to "f1-3"... will that delete "f1" and "f3" from "f1-3"?


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    What are you trying to accomplish with your backups? Do you want to keep a backup of folders that were deleted? Changed? Normally, one would make a folder backup to restore something that was deleted by mistake, corrupted or changed and you want to revert to an older version (or possibly another reason I can't think of right now). Your wanting to delete folders has me wondering what you are trying to do. 
    Right now...1) If you delete f1, the backup may not run. Not really sure about that. 2) If you run a separate manual backup of f3, I don't think it will be saved or incorporated into your original backup scheme. I could be wrong on both of these but again, what are you trying to do?
  • Thanks, Flyer.
    Think I figured it out.  I was trying to aggregate multiple files for backup which I have been able to do but just need to then not try to also back them up separately.   No problem.
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