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AOMEI Backupper Pro. Why do I get a such heavy file? help!

Hi, I have a new laptop with Windows 10 and after having installed some custom programs now I would like to do a backup on an external harddrive. I inform you that the SSD of the laptop is 512 GB occupied with only 140 GB. I made a backup and the file I got is 386 GB. Why so heavy? I'd like to restore that file when my laptop will no longer work properly and instead of reformatting and installing all the custom programs, with that file I can put both the OS and all the programs back into it. I chose "Partition Backup" which I then saved on "D" which is an external hardisk. Thanks



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    You know you cannot boot from a restored partition backup sec? You were warned for that by the program. You should make a system or disk backup in order to have a bootable backup.

    And did you chose the Make an Exact Backup option in Backup Options on the Intelligent Sector tab? That would explain the large image file.
    Edit: Oh, it is probably because of the bitlocker encryption. I have no experience with that.
  • An encrypted HD is a good idea for security reasons, but it also means the partition is seen as a single block of random data to other software. So it looks like the entire disk is used and the entire disk needs to be included in the backup.

    Also read here:

    1. Make an Exact Backup will backup all sectors of hard drive whether used or not, it will take much time and space. To save time and space, it is recommended to decrypt the hard drive first, and then backup it with Intelligent Sector Backup. Intelligent Sector Backup only backup the used space, it is much faster than sector by sector backup.

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