Full Backup with OneDrive

Hello! Just doing my first steps with Backupper Pro and OneDrive... Had no problem at all to do a full backup on my cloud drive... Question is now what about the ONEDRIVE folder at drive C: - means if I do an full backup of drive C: it will backup the ONEDRIVE folder, in which my last backup is stored, also... so the next backup includes the backupper files... how can I exclude the backupper files from backup?


  • Well, cannot exclude files or folders in System/Disk Backup at present.
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    Like SIW2 says, try registry setting:

    Don't know about the pro version but in the standard (free) version one can also exclude files and folders through registry settings, if you wish, including a drive letter.

    This works for system, disk, partition and file backups.


    Try adding some files and folders to the FilesNotToSnapshot registry entry. And yes Aomei respects those entries. So that is a convenient way to exclude files from the backup. 



    f:\nb2\*.* /s

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