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Probably qiute a simple question on backup schemes, but I really struggle to understand the documentation. I want to use a Differential backup scheme, where I run a Full Backup every week and a Differential every day and retain a rolling two week history. So what I want to end up with is this;

After week 1

F1 d01 d02 d03 d04 d05 d06

After week 2

F1 d01 d02 d03 d04 d05 d06 F2 d07 d08 d09 d10 d11 d12

After week 3

F2 d07 d08 d09 d10 d11 d12 F3 d13 d14 d15 d16 d17 d18

After week 4

F3 d13 d14 d15 d16 d17 d18 F4 d19 d20 d21 d22 d23 d34


How do I accomplish this?


  • Well, no backup scheme works the way you described.

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    I can give you something very close to what you want. I am using this set up for my backups and it will retain a Full Backup for 2 weeks and create a differential backup every day. What it won't do is keep a full 2 week set of differentials.

    Here's what I have:

    I start by selecting System Backup for type.

    In schedule, under General, I have it run one backup each day at 0100. Under Advanced, I tell it to do a differential backup.

    Under scheme (Pro version only), I enable backup management. Specify Differential Backup and tell it to keep the last 7 versions.

    What this gives me is a Full Backup once a week where it keeps 7 versions. 2 of them are Full backup sets and 5 are differential sets. Every day when a new differential is created, the oldest diffential backup set is deleted (deletions start after 7 sets are created). When it gets to day 7, the oldest Full Backup set is deleted and new Full Backup set is created.

    I hope this will help you.

  • Thanks for this.

  • I was using Acronis TI and I can assure you that product handles incremental and differential backups in the way that Hamrag describes.
    However because of support issues I decided to switch to Backerupper.

    I must confess that I was initially a bit confused about how Backerupper would handle incremental/differential backups and just what effect "At least retain the latest xxx versions of backup image file" would have.

    Since I want a weekly cycle it seems that 7 is the magic number, although I don't get why there are two full versions at the start of each cycle.

  • @HairyScot About how the Backup Scheme of Backupper works, please refer to: https://www.backup-utility.com/help/backup-scheme.html
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