Linux version of Backupper bootable media does not detect my backup drive

I'e just started 30 day trial.
Created Linux bootable media for recovery on USB flash drive. Boots OK but it does not detect my external USB drive.
Tried with the PE version and had no problem apart from the slow boot time compared to Linux.
Any suggestions would be helpful.


  • Try reloading disks (The two arrows next to "Menu")

    Just tested with two USB sticks formatted as Fat32. How are yours formatted?

    I connected a GPT harddrive through USB. It had 6 partitions. 5 partitions showed up as /mnt/sdb# while the 6th partitions was assigned a drive letter, W: in this case. Don't know why....
  • USB 3.0?
  • I believe that the format is decided by Backerupper.
    The Linux stick is FAT32 and the WinPE stick is NTFS.
  • Thanks admin.
    Problem solved.
    Moved drive to USB 2.0 port.
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