Partition restore - error message bites pr. sector greater than 512

Hi! New to this forum. Maybe that is the reason my discussion disappears when posting :-) Trying again. Setup is Asus GV702VM-BA195T, 256 gb SSD system disk.External Seagate 3 TB HD, model SRD0Sd1. Tried to make a new partition, OK. Must have done something wrong, the Seagate disk does not appear in BIOS. I hear the drive is working, but I get no access or messages on screen. I found the partition in the Partition Assistant window. Trying to recover the paartition, but get error message 'The program is now unable to recover this disk, Because bytes per sector on this disk is greater than 512 kb' 

I have not done anything hoping to get some advice to recover the partition. So next step will be to create an additional skybased backup.


  • Did you use the Partition Recovery Wizard?

  • My reply did not show. Anyway, here is link to screenshot from the Partition Recovery Wizard:

  • Have you looked in Windows "Disk Management" to see if you can see the partition? If you can see it there then you can create a new volume, which will allocate the partition a drive letter, to allow you to use the disk. See . This article is for older Windows but the priciple will be the same for later versions I'm sure.

  • So there are important data on the disk that you need to recover? I think AOMEI Partition Assistant is not capable of doing this.

  • Sorry for late reply. Got into hosptial and was released a few hours ago. Had to borrow another computer because Windows does not start. Starting over again and hope it is ok. Because it will be a quite long comment, and I experienced to loose my draft sometimes, I will post comments when I feel length and progress it is ok. Afraid of loosing anythng. Hope it is OK.

  • The configuration is on top of page. The exteral backup is is Seagate 3 TB HD, model SRD0Sd1. Here I store all backups, at the moment for the last 4 years, and other stuff both for me and the company. So yes, this is very important data for me.

    Wanted to make a small partition on disk 3 and used Partiton Assistant.

    Could not start, error message: Partition restore - error message bites pr. sector greater than 512. Screenshot here:

    Decided to make the new sector on C: instead, and that went ok on screen. Pressed the 'Apply' button top left and then i got an error message I can't remember. Closed program and restarted, but Windws won't start.

    Error message:

    Windows task manager
    Windows could not boot. A recent hardware software change may be the cause. How to solve the problem
    1. Insert the installation CD for Windows, and then restart the computer.
    2. Select language setting, then click next
    3. Click Repair Your Computer
    If you do not have this CD, ask your system administrator or computer manufacturer.
    File: \ $ WINDOWS. ~ BT \ Windows \ system32 \ winload.efi
    Status: 0xc0000.225
    Info: Unable to load application or operating system because a required file is missing or incorrect.

    Working on - continued

  • Status and finishing

    I have no access to disk 3, the Seagate  TB or to computer on C: My first need is to get computer starting on C: and keep the data. Next priority will be to restore disk 3.

    Really hope for a good ending :-)

  • Thinking a bit. I have Most of the files, also from C: on external disk 3.So I try to reverse my thinking. Guess it is not  easy to estimate resourced involved to get windows to start again.Open for other options.

    On the other end, I guess priority 1 could be changed to get disk 3 back in working order. Then I will have files I need for my daily work and projects. I don't know what products you have to help me out, or you have a paid service for this purpose?

  • I'm sorry, our program is not able to help you on this issue, please try other professional recovery tools.

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