No BCDedit in winPEx64...why??

hi and hello:

where is bcdedit in winPEx64? Love this alternative to MS WinPE. Lots of flexiability but I need bcdedit. The alternative sw BOOTICE appears too confusing to me. Also I dont see EFI support in BOOTICE

thx....any help/clarification/reconmmendation appreciated.


  • You mean AOMEI PE Builder?

  • yes...sorry I forgot to tell you the AOMEI application.

    It would be nice to have BCDEDIT on board AOEMI PE Builder. If BCD store is missing or needs editing for different OS or other impliminations I have no way of using AOMEI PE to configure/edit/create the necessary files.

    Just a thought...

  • We will consider it, thank you for the suggestion.

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