Problem after crash of AOMEI OKR 1.6.2

crashed the during of making the system beckup (C) to disk D. After this
failure there is less 10GB on the C drive and the revovery partition
has grown.

Where is the 10GB and how to restore the size of the recovery partition?


  • Please try AOMEI Partition Assistant.

  • And what to do?

  • Ok, I installed and I was able to reduce the size of the recovery partition but I still missed about 8GB. So I restored the system from this recovery partition. It is very strange but I did not appeal to the original beckup but the state of the system from before the failure ..... although the recovery partition was just a primary backup!
    What happened that the backup came from before the failure and the original backup disappeared?

  • "recovery partition" means Aomei Recovery Partition created by AOMEI OKR?

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