Invalid image file

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Just ran a System Backup, and during the Integrty Check, got this message:

    Information Code:4104

    Invalid image file. This file may be not complete or has been damaged, or it does not match with the current software         


Ran the backup again and got the same message.

What does this mean to me? How do I get a valid image file?


  • You could try to check backup integrity manually again and take a look at if still get "invalid image file" message.

  • Checked backup integrity manually and got same message. What now?

  • Please make a backup again and do not tick that option. Check the image manually after back up.

  • Do not tick what option?

  • OK. I did a new System backup and did not tick the Verify upon completion option. Then did a manual verify after it was completed - and it veified GOOD! Then did an incremental backup with the Verify after completion box ticked - and it was successful also.

    So does that suggest there is a glitch in the Verify after completion process?

  • Hmm, maybe.

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