PE Builder Error - 0xc000000f

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hi all...great products, great software. Many thx. I downloaded AOMEI PE Builder today and created *.iso. DVD booted and now presents error:

\windows\system32\stornvme.sys is missing and/or corrupt. Error 0xc000000f

What is going on? OS presently loaded is win8.1 Pro-64b and boots nicely when selected in Boot Manager. 

Many thx...all help appreciated. Maybe I should copy stornvme.sys from Win 8.1 sys disk to C:\windows\system32????


  • Did you tick the option below?


  • hi again....forgot to tick Download WinPE, reinstall w/ "tick" and all is OK. Why did I have to "tick" WinPE? I thought WinPE (Free) from the download was sufficient and no need for additional software.

    Is there a procedure for booting c:\ when boot.wim and boot.sdi is loaded on C:\? HP restore disks don't allow OEM restore on a new HDD after using (4) disk set.

  • Maybe the recovery environment in your system is corrupted, so you have to download it from our server.

    Not sure your second question, what is "booting c:\"?

  • thx again...HP 4 disk set installs but after boot up with OEM image, error message  says HDD cannot be found. I followed all procedures on web for install of boot.wim and boot sdi. All procedures use WinPE from MS, I like your WinPEx64 as an alternative. Basically I use your PE to partition/format/label new HDD and next transfer wim.boot and boot sdi from hp disks to associated partitions. Bcdedit is missing from your WinPE so must do workaround to create/edit BCD store and finalize.

    Would be nice if your had a procedure/script to allow various boot sdi to be installed on a clean HD. It would be faster I think. 

  • Thank you for the suggestion, we will consider it.

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