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    Thank you for the suggestions, But I have two problems with that.

        1. The gmail account I tried is  a Church/school account so  the email is [email protected], but it uses gmail servers. So the security level can't be lowered can't be lowered. and Hotmail dosen't let you change what app can log into me account.

        2. I use screen connect for remote access and they have the option where you can name your own smtp server. For this I use my Company Account and it works just fine, Maybe Aomei could give us that option and/or fix the Gmail/Hotmail problem.

  • @kzieres61 Thanks for your feedback. We will improve the email notification of Gmail/hotmail in the future. Have you solved the problem for managing computers under different subnet?

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    I too am having problem using gmail hosted mail that uses a domain. 

  • are there any plans for a custom mail settings 

  • @gmeyers Could you give us a detailed description? the test email can't be sent? Could you allow less secture apps to open in your gmail? You can set it from here:

    @dtiffany we will consider to add custom mail settings in the future.

  • Failure:  

    i have a network ( AD ) /   and in the enterprise we even have more networks. 

    Currently it scans only a part of it..  exactly : ---  finding only a few PC´s 

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    If i enter the finds the PC ..  starts installation , takes a while..  

    Then tells me installation sucessful ..and a second later :  "The account not found"

    if i try to gain acces it actually did install..  i cannot enter the credentials..  tells me "the account not found" ... whatever i try.

    it tried 



    [email protected]( full qualified ) 

    it does not work on either the domain admin account nor on the backup user account

     it works when using the LOCAL PC Admin Account ..

    ...  Task:

    I can creat a task, see my NAS from it . but it lacks SUBDIR Creation , minor problem at present but needed..  for instance to group backups  etc..  

    ...  up to now..  fine..  it created a PC related subdir... ( maybe a prefix/suffix would be nice  like  .aomei  or aomei_pcname 



    Backup file created..  looks good so far...   

    Question:  as we have  technician enterprise license..  will we get a beta of the technician prog version too..  ? 

    Any thoughts yet on pricing ??


  • forget #36   ..   i found the settings and try ...

  • IP segments do not work..

    i added all local : 





    ..  only scans first segment

  • Admin

    I setup the email like in photo one . then click test and get the error message in photo two.

    The is a Church/School so can't lower any sercurity levels.

  • harry_geier

    You are right. the default subnet  for is so I believe Aomei needs to add in a range of IP address with the subnet being used so that the whole range of that subnet is being scanned

  • Other thatn the reported issues with authorization , whioch may be solved in last beta with the autorization package, over weekend it worked fine.   Looks promising...  

  • What's the new estimated date for this to be out of beta and available to buy?
  • Sorry for that the date for paid version has not yet been decided.
  • Sorry for that the date for paid version has not yet been decided.
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