PROBLEM: Backup un pendrive fat32

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I do a disk backup of my OS, created image I realize that there are many 4gb files, I would like to merge them to restore the pc. using the marge immage tool does not select the path or all image files.

can you help me?

used guide:


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    I don't fully understand. You made one backup on the fat32 drive. There are multiple 4GB image files because the backup image is split in parts of 4GB, being the maximum file size on Fat32. You don't need to merge them, you can restore the PC just fine using this collection of 4GB files.

  • yes, you heard me. Could you show me the restore procedure using the multifile 4GB?

    sorry my bad english

    thank you so much

  • It's the normal restore procedure. Just follow the help documents on Restore. You don't need to bother about the 4GB files, this is all done automatically.

  • already done...I tryed using the frist 4gb file of the backup list (because in ''open path'' I can select only one 4gb file), but the restore has been fast and the disk reimaned empty of OS. 

    thank you so much

  • 1. Did you receive any errors?

    2. Are all the files of the same date and have consecutive numbers?

    3. Can you Explore (Utilities menu) the image?

    4. What if you copy the 4GB files to a/the hard drive, can you explore it then?

  • 1. No errors, the restore completed successyfully. 
    2. All file have same date and consegutive numbers

    3/4. Dont tryed. In the evening l'll test e send response

    thank you so much

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