I succesfully migrated OS from hdd to ssd, can I delete System Reserved partition


Before migration i had 2 hdd in my computer (Disk0 and Disk1).

When i built this machine I installed win10 on Disk0(F:), also I installed ubuntu on Disk1.

Back then for some reason Win10 installer also put System reserved partition on Disk1(I deleted it once, but then i could not boot win10).

Now I migrated win10 to ssd(Disk2), so far OS works fine.


1. Can I delete System Reserved partition on Disk1, can this action make my OS on ssd unbootable. If I delete this partition and it makes my OS unbootable, how do I fix the problem?

2. Sometimes my OS on ssd is accessing Disk0( I can see this in task manager and it is strange because disk usage for Disk1 is 0% while for Disk0 it is in range of 0%-20%), can I format this disk, will it affect my OS on ssd?

Disk managment output


  • 0. What happens if you just remove disk 0 and disk 1, by disconnecting the power and/or the data cables?

    1. You can make a backup of Disk 1 before deleting the partition. Restore it if you encounter problems.

    2. See 0. and 1.

  • These 2 articles may help you understand more about that partition:

    What is the system reserved partition

    This article referencess Win 7 but should work for Win 10 also:

    How to remove system reserved partition

    Are you sure you're booting from disk 2? It sounds like you're still booting from disk 0.

    But do what @JohnnyboyGo said to do. If everything works without disk 0 being hooked up, I'd say it's safe to format it. Just to clean things up, I'd hook disk 2 up to your first SATA port. That will make it disk 0 and then confirm that's what you have set for your first boot option. If you're using disk 1 for dual booting, I'd leave that partition alone so you can boot from it if you want.

    Good luck with this.

  • I disconnected Disk0 and OS on ssd run fine, also I transfered boot data from System Reserved partition to C: partition on ssd, deleted SR partition on Disk1 and OS on ssd works fine.

    Thank you for you help.

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