Backupper is restoring to wrong HDD?



  • I'm at 75% and only three partitions showing, one 127mb, and two 3mb each. A long way from getting about 2GB back. It's been hours. 

  • The major part of the drive is now unallocated. The wizard says it can't explore it. So that makes the recovery part of this program useless. Lovely. Any ideas or am I done?

  • @Al1 Sorry for your data loss. Did you clone in Restart Mode?

  • Restart mode? It did restart during the process.

  • A warning pop-up maybe saying "do you really want to wipe out 3TB of data by overwriting the X drive?" would have been helpful. 

  • I'm afraid you'll have to try other professional recovery tools to see if it can recover your data.

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