Backupper is restoring to wrong HDD?

So I have one SDD (disk 0) and one SATA HDD (disk1). I made backup of SDD system partition (128GB). Now I bought a new laptop with also an SDD of 128GB. I want to retore the old system partition backup that I have to the new SDD.

So I selected the backup file and selected as target Disk 0 (new SDD in new laptop).

However when I restart the new laptop, it appears that AOMEI has restored the system backup to the wrong drive Disk 1, the SATA disk instead of the SDD. How can that be?

How can I migrate my old SDD system partition to the new SDD, so it will boot with my old WIN 10 config?


  • Are you sure that Aomei restores to the HDD while you chose the SSD as the destination and in the summary of the action the SSD is shown? 

    If the new SSD is already used and partitioned I suggest you Clean it first with Diskpart so no leftovers from previous Windows can confuse the restore. Of course you must restore using Aomei from a Bootable CD or USB. You can start Diskpart from there.

  • yes, I definitely checked it. I am a little in doubt about your diskpart suggestion. Should I leave the EFI partition intact then? Or should I wipe the whole SDD and remove the existing partitions (factory partition, EFI partition and  Win OS partition) 

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    It is probably a good practice when restoring a system backup to have the source disk where your backup resides and ONLY the new destination drive connected. It sounds like you had your old drive connected also. Try again with only the new SSD attached. This will preclude restoring to any other disk. Before booting to the new disk the first time, disconnect the source drive also so only the one disk is connected.

    If as Johnny said and the new SSD had been used, clean it using diskpart. Wipe the whole disk as a system restore operation will restore the partitions necessary to run. If you are installing to a new laptop, you don't need the factory partition from the old system and technically, the only way it would transfer was if you made a "disk" backup.

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    If you don't dare the Clean operation you can also try making a partition backup of C: from the original PC and restore this in the C: partition of the new laptop. That may work but it also may not. It's a free try, you can always Clean later if necessary.

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    art2, let me amend my post. What I suggested requires you to boot with your "bootable" disk which you may or may not have created. To repeat what you did another time is to remember this... Disk number, 0, 1, 2 etc is only dependant on which drive is plugged into your motherboard's 1st, 2nd, 3rd SATA port. Disk 0 being the 1st port. If you added the new SSD to another SATA port, it won't be shown as disk 0. If that's the case, your original HHD could be shown as disk 0 so yes, you just restored it to the same drive. It's hard to tell from your post exactly how many drives you have connected (including where your backup is stored) and to which SATA ports.

    So you can restore it either way. If your new SSD is clean, it should only show up with one partition so that's the one you need to restore to. Good luck.

  • Hi all, well, I wiped the C drive (SDD) and deleted all partitions, I then disabled the second HDD. Then I restored the backup and that worked fine. Thanks for the assistance all !

  • I wa horrified to find out it cloned from an 80gb ssd to my 3TB data drive instead of new 240GB ssd. I'm trying to use the partition recovery wizard on the assistant to get it back but it's taking a long time. I know I selected the correct drive as the target. Very disappointed. If I can't recover this data I'll be in a bad place. 

  • Did not make any backup of this 3TB disk?

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    It may too late, but I'm curious how "I know I selected" and it cloned to 3TB "instead of" were determined by you???? It might not help you, but maybe others may benefit by what you did or didn't do.

  • Yes several backups of the key stuff like pictures, docs, etc. Plus use of cloud. But I have a whack of files, mostly video and basketball related, that wasn't totally backed up. Stupid me really should have known better. Never had luck with cloning when it related to a drive with an operating system on it. Re selecting the 240 ssd and not the 3TB I am 99.9% sure I did. But I suppose it's possible I screwed up. Should have disconnected the 3TB to begin with. I got hit with a ransom virus once. Lucky me had an external drive with backed up files that was switched off. 

  • I'm at 75% and only three partitions showing, one 127mb, and two 3mb each. A long way from getting about 2GB back. It's been hours. 

  • The major part of the drive is now unallocated. The wizard says it can't explore it. So that makes the recovery part of this program useless. Lovely. Any ideas or am I done?

  • @Al1 Sorry for your data loss. Did you clone in Restart Mode?

  • Restart mode? It did restart during the process.

  • A warning pop-up maybe saying "do you really want to wipe out 3TB of data by overwriting the X drive?" would have been helpful. 

  • I'm afraid you'll have to try other professional recovery tools to see if it can recover your data.

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